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In 90% of cases, mediation is a viable (and less stressful, and cheaper) alternative to litigation.

Mediation Services

Ironhorse Mediation Services provides mediation, special master, and discovery referee services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Our mediators have extensive experience resolving a wide range of disputes, focusing primarily on real estate, construction defect, and business-related matters. Ironhorse Mediation Services successfully resolves cases ranging in size and complexity, with the goal of achieving results more efficiently and cost effectively than through the litigation process. Our clients benefit from having a neutral third party help them find a way to resolve their case without turning the result over to a judge or jury.

Ironhorse Mediation Services provides both pre-litigation and course-of- litigation services to our clients. The cost of mediating a case is minimal compared to the costs incurred through the life of a lawsuit. The high cost and long delays associated with the trial of civil matters often make litigation an impractical method of resolving disputes. It is not uncommon for the attorney fees, expert witness fees, jury fees, court fees and other related costs to exceed the amount in dispute. Mediating a case before a lawsuit is filed enables the parties to present their case to a mutually selected neutral person before any money is spent on litigation. Mediation can be successful not only prior to litigation but also during litigation. During litigation, mediation assists in resolving disputes and succeeds in improving the parties’ communication, identifying their underlying interests, narrowing the issues in conflict, and helping them more carefully evaluate their litigation options, moving the dispute towards a quicker, more cost- effective resolution.

Ironhorse Mediation Services mediators also volunteer substantial time in their communities, serving as volunteer mediators for the California Superior Court in Contra Costa County in small claims, unlawful detainer, and civil harassment cases throughout Contra Costa County, among numerous other volunteer activities.

Whether you have a simple or complicated dispute, a case already filed in court, or seek to keep matters confidential and out of court, Ironhorse Mediation Services can help.

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